A new Patapage tutorial: how to customize a button…

Take a look at this article on how you can customize a Patapage button on your page instead of have the default docked one: http://blog.patapage.com/

A new charting tool for Patapage

We have published a new charting tool for Patapage. based on jqPlot for jquery, it let you easily show any data as chart on your page with many configuration and a friendly tool to insert your value; it has a…

Published the RSS reader widget for Patapage!

Another great functionality for Patapage: an on line RSS reader that slide over your web page! Go and try it!

Get visitors to read and remember your home page – the principles

A really nice blogpost, inspired by startuptodo.com, on how to get visitors remember your homepage, posted by my friend Pietro Polsinelli: http://pietro.open-lab.com/2009/10/19/get-visitors-to-read-and-remember-your-home-page-the-principles/