Use a Youtube video as page background on mobile devices

The HTML5 ‘playsInline’ video property is almost stable and available on all the recent mobile browsers. What does it mean?

The  playsInline property let any HTML5 video to play in place instead of opening it as a new overlay window as it happened before. So the video plays now inside the page context also on mobile an that is a great news!

But the greatest think is that now this property is supported also by the Youtube® API!

You maybe know how frustrating was for me and for all of you that are using my jquery.mb.YTPlayer.js plug-in the fact that it was unavailable on mobile devices forcing to a fallback image…
Well, from today September 5, 2017 (ok… not really today, I’ve to refine few things before publishing the updates) the plug-in will work also on mobile devices as you have seen it working on desktop till now; the only little issue is that the video will start playing only after the first touch gesture on the screen.

Another great think is that filters work really great too on mobile; if you don’t know how to add filters to the jquery.mb.YTPlayer background video plug-in read the documentation.

You can see it in action with your tablet or mobile device here:

In the next days I’ll publish a new release for both the jQuery plug-in and the WordPress plug-in including this new great feature.

So keep in touch and enjoy this plug-in 😉

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