9 ways to improve your site but you don’t know how to

Once upon a time, not so long ago, websites were designed to show how good we were, what beautiful things we did. Without any possibility of interaction between us and our visitors. Just a showcase. We could put photos, text, catalog items, present our work with a wonderful graphic interface…

More things we wanted to have, the more complicated was to create our desired site: Connections to databases, code, server side applications, disk space, securityreal hell!
Fortunately times have changed and the web has become a place where not only one can watch what others do, but a place where we can interact, exchange views, share content, learn and teach.

It has become a multidirectional interchange of ideas, experiences and contents;
the new frontier of social communication.

That’s why we decided to develop Patapage


Patapage is the superHero of the new World Wide Web era.

It lets any site interact with people in the easiest way we could have thought, without compromising your way of working and designing and without any server side implementation.

What are the tools that it can offers to make our site more accessible, without requiring intellectual efforts and waste of time and money?

Here are nine features
that your static or dynamic site should have to be socially  interactive
and that you can do easily with Patapage:


1. Threaded comments for your pages

CommentsI’m sure you thought at least once: “It would be nice to give chance to those who visit my site to leave a comment … But how can I do it? “.
Most people is using blog engines to have their contents commentable; but, in that case, your site interface is bound by strict rules imposed by the engine manufacturer and this is against your creativity… Some others spend huge amount of money to make their own, well integrated, secure CMS with its great comments engine… But what about when you want or have to change some layout on a specific page? Hahaha! You can’t…

There are few on-line services dedicated (disqus or JS-Kit Comment, just for example) more or less they do all the same; they let you have comments on your page, but nothing more.

Patapage lets you add comments referring to any content on your page and as many you need per page. You can show comments inside your site environment or as overlay (to lay or place something over or upon something else), display comments as thread or flat, moderate them by administrator or by email… Really a lot of features managed in a really simple way.

2. Wiki like contents on your page

CommentsUsually 90% any web site’ contents don’t need to be updated; but some time, especially if you decide to have a static html site, you would have some contents in a specific page editable… just to update your news section or something you would change frequently. Actually, if you need that, you have to edit the HTML file locally with your client application ad then publish it on the remote server via ftp; nothing wrong with that… But most of “commons” people that owns a site doesn’t even know what are we talking about… HTML, FTP, remote server…
They just want to open their site, click on their page, edit their content… is it possible?

With Patapage you can add as many contents as you need on every page of your site without the need of a CMS.
You can have your editable content placed wherever you want on your page or into a clean over layered window; you can decide to let others edit or add new contents, moderate the edits, each content has 6 month history back…

Patapage offers a powerful tool to let every body contribute even on a static site! Nice, isn’t it?

3. Google search® for your pages

CommentsHow can people find specific arguments on your site if you don’t have a search engine on it?
If you think that the only solution to make your content be searchable on your site is to manage your site with a CMS… Well you are wrong!

Google offers its service to search words only inside your site, and it works!
The only problem is that you have to go to Google site and search for your site there…

Fortunately Patapage let you add Google power just into your site, so that any body can find what they were looking for just remaining in your site!

4. Contact form wherever you need

CommentsLetting people easily get in contact with you is one of the primary scope of having a website.
Of course you can just link an e-mail… but, you know, this is not really professional and it’s quite dangerous for spamming… So, how can people contact you? … Mumble …mumbleA contact form!

Yes, a contact form;
but how to have it on my site? what do I need? CGI… SMTP server… PHP… CAPTCHA… (What is that?) Too complicate… I’ll have a link to my email 🙁

No, you don’t need to link your email anymore!
Patapage offers to you the opportunity to include a contact form with its own Captcha security tool to prevent spamming; Patapage will also collect all the requests from your site on your Patapage account.

5. Share photo and video galleries

CommentsIt would be nice to have all your Flickr photos sets visible on your site! … Of course you can make a link to Flickr so your visitors can go there and have the show… But in that way they’ll leave your site… And this is not good…

And what about your YouTube videos? if you have videos of your events or some explanation one… Wouldn’t be nice to have it shown on your site? And what about the possibility of changing it without the need of working on the code of your page?

Patapage can do it for you!
With Patapage you can easily add Flickr photo gallery shows or YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr video gallery on your pages. So, show your creativity!

6. Share audio on your web pages

CommentsAre you a musician? Or a music Lover?
Or maybe you would just have your audio podcast on your site…

Don’t be discouraged!
Patapage let you add your Playlist directly on your site!
Let people listen to you!

7. Rate your contents

CommentsHow could you taste what people think about your articles? Is there a simple way to have feedback from your readers on a page-by-page basis?
Well, first of all add a comment system on your article page (view point 1); than you can have a Star rate tool to collect one click opinion from your public. Rating is the most comfortable way to let people leave their opinion anonymously. And is the fastest way for you to understand what people like.

But… how can you store all the rates people did? mhh… Oh yes! Patapage will do it for you! Just add the tool and your articles can be rated right now! And you’ll have all rate statistics stored on your Patapage account!

8. Share any public RSS feed

CommentsMore and more people are using blog to communicate their ideas; blog is really a great media to share opinions. Some times we need to show on our site some related content from some other origin; we can copy that content and paste it inside our HTML page… But that could complicate the layout of our page… Could introduce bugs on the code… And what if author will change the original content? Youll’have a downgrade version!!

Why don’t we use their RSS feed to publish the content’s? … Yes, but How?!

Patapage lets you add any RSS feed from other origins directly into your page; give the feed URL to Patapage and it’ll do the rest!

9. Retweet your pages, share tweets

CommentsOk, which is the typical way web users communicate to others their web experience?
Twitter! Yes, they use twitter for everything and especially to say the world how lovely is your site or your article. And how could you know if someone is talking about you? and how could you facilitate retweets for your visitors?

Again Patapage can help you (What an Hero!).
First add the Patapage retweet button that let retweet your page with a short Url and a custom comment just with one click ; than add a Twitter search content on your page that will tell you in real time who is speaking about you and what is he saying…


This not exhaustive showcase of Patapage functionalities demonstrates how the web has become a more affordable sharing platform than we could have thought just few years ago. We no more need complex tool to communicate; as happens with many technological innovations, The more time passes, the more simple and powerful they became.

If you are interested on Patapage hero, visit http://patapage.com, and don’t be afraid to test it, you’ll love it!

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