About me


My nickname is Pupunzi.

My name is Matteo Bicocchi.

I’m a Graphic designer and a creative code developer.

I am the Co-founder of Open Lab, a polyhedral communication/software/design company located in Florence, Italy.
I love experimenting with interfaces and graphics.
I love creativity and I believe that knowledge is nothing without imagination.

My graphic design experience started 32 years ago at Hopeful Monster ed., a small publishing company founded by my parents. I worked there as graphic designer, making contemporary art catalogs and epistemology/science of philosophy books (when books were made by hand). My web developer experience started 17 years ago, when the web was blooming.

Our aim is to focus on Design and good ideas. Now we spend most of our time on product development for Games and web media; we are the authors of Football Drama, a new spin on a football management game whose story evolves in the Thiefa League universe.

This is my IDEAS repository.
A place where I can stratify the invisible life’s moments.

You can follow me on:


You can also visit pupunzi.com, my inspiring website where I collect all the coding creativity. And last but not least you have to visit the Open Lab site, where you can see what we are able to do!

Kip in touch and contact me for any questions.