The countdown for Patapage beta release has started!

Patapage will be out in the next days!

For all  web designers, a new suite of tools that add features available to web visitors in an unobstrusive way; Patapage gives you the power to enrich either static or dynamic web pages with additional contents and tools, without using any complex serverside solution!

For example…

what could your users do once patapage is used into your pages:

  • They can read (and write if allowed) specific pataWiki (related contents);
  • They can comment directly on your page;
  • They can take a look to your flickr (or Picasa) gallery inside your page;
  • They can contact you using an easy to set form specific for your page;
  • They can rate contents or pages of your site;
  • they can easly retweet your pages;
  • they can read twits on specific tags directly on your page;
  • they can search into your site using google search engine;

And many other things we are developing right now!

What would you have:

  • A confortable backoffice where you can administer all contents inserted in your site (approve/unapprove contents, revert from history, manage spam, read form messages, get rates report,…).
  • You can add as many site as you want and as many buttons as you need.
  • You can use all the Patapage buttons actually available and all the once we are going to include in the future.

How does it works?

  • Just create your button with its specifics, copy the few lines of generated code, paste it into your web page and it’s done, your page has now the new patapage feature!

If you want get an access to the beta…