Imagine, the free online storyboard editor, is live!

I’m proud to announce that the beta version of Imagine is online and ready for you!

What is Imagine?

Imagine is a tool we realized for organizing the storytelling flow of our games, e. g. Football Drama, our game on football, and Roller Drama, our game on Roller Derby.

It’s web based and it’s free. Just register to start playing with it.

Imagine can be used by game designers, writers, directors, comic authors and so on. It is focused on giving the essential tools for creating your storyboard in the easiest way.


Each storyboard is a booklet of annotated panels. With Imagine you have no limits on creating Storyboards. You can decide the aspect ratio, add a description and set a password for the public view. Feel free to Draw your stories!


Each storyboard is composed by as many panel as you need for your storytelling. Panels can serve diverse purposes: comics, dialogues, notes, camera movements… All can be marked down quickly with Imagine.


Adding assets for your story is so easy… Just drag your image file from your desktop or upload it from your tablet image gallery and ta-da! All available for your boards. if you drop an image that is too big, Imagine will optimize it for you.

You can even draw your assets directly in Imagine!

To make it really quick and practical, you can add sketches on the fly by just drawing in the browser.

Make it public!

Every storyboard generates a public URL where all the panels are displayed with their description and their graphic annotations. If you want to restrict who can view your storyboard – just set a password!

Imagine has many more features like quickly change the order of your panels by dragging and adding in place, edit in place of the panel notesgraphic annotations on each panel, and so on.

You can also get the macOS client (soon available also for Windows) to get ready just with one click!

If you are curious you can just give it a try and if you have any suggestions or if you find any bug please let me know!

And Remember to support our development by playing with Football Drama!