Get visitors to read and remember your home page – the principles

A really nice blogpost, inspired by, on how to get visitors remember your homepage, posted by my friend Pietro Polsinelli:

a jquery mb.scrollable demo use

mb._scrollable short video component page: my youtube channel

And the winner is… the new Pupunzi site is out! there you can find all my jQuery components, news and great design 🙂

mb.ideas is ready… which domain?

I’ve the new site ready for publishing but which domain is better? or Please, tell me which do you prefer

Soon the new mb.ideas.repository website

here is a preview of the new site. Enjoy!

The beauty of adding content on any web page

Icing on the web page How many times I would have liked to have the capability to add different kinds of contents in a web page without the needs of a specific CMS. Websites are often made of few or…