If you are thinking at “teamwork” you are probably looking for Twproject


We Just published Twproject 5.4

This is a major release with many new features and bug fix; you can check new features in detail here or visit the Twproject site.

From a brand new site to the Gantt editor we worked hard to make Twproject the best PMS available; doesn’t matter if you are a small or a big company, if you work on products or services, if you’re a creative or a research group,  it will always fit your needs on projects and team management.

Here are some of the Twproject features:

Get your projects done

With Twproject you will be always able to access up-to-date projects data: tracking progress, forthcoming deadlines, worklogs and costs will be much easier. Twproject is a project management solution that minimizes the effort of administrative tasks and lets you focus on what’s really important for your company to grow. Twproject makes your data easier to collect and tracking task progress will become easier too.

Projects easy to adjust

Twproject comes with a built-in interactive Gantt tool that visualizes your projects and allows you to easily update them in real time, adding assignments, milestones and dependencies.

Your time is valuable: log it with Twproject

However you work, there is a solution in Twproject time tracking system: time can be logged in several different ways because Twproject will adapt to your habits.

For instance, if you are a graphic designer, a developer or a customer support specialist, issue/ticket based worklog is your way of work logging. If you are an architect who is often doing field work, you may need a weekly plan; also a detailed view is available. If you are a project manager or an accountant, you may need timer based recording.

Work log can be validated, approved, and monitored in real time. Generated costs can be verified any moment.

Keep your teams connected

Twproject dynamically creates teams according to the project you are working on. You can communicate, prioritize, check their work load, share agendas, files. Join the team discussion available on every project, keep your teams connected.

And many others…


What is the difference between Twproject and the many PMS you can find on the web?

Well, first it is not an on-line service; purchasing Twproject you can both have it installed on your own server or you can have it installed on a dedicated Amazon cloud server where it will run just for your company, just in minutes. Then it is the most complete and featured PMS you can find.

If you want to give it a try there’s an on line demo or you can download and install the 15 days free trial.

Go to the Twproject site now!

Teamwork jQuery Gantt editor

Teamwork Gantt

Maybe I’ve never told you about it!

One of the major feature of the new Teamwork 5 release is a browser based javascript (jQuery) Gantt editor; you can create Gantts, task trees, dependencies which exports the resulting data in JSON format. It has unlimited undo/redo, zoom in/zoom out on specific periods, milestones, it auto updates each variation and dependence.

You can give it a try here;
or download it from GitHub here.


in-place editing | drag&drop | zooming | do/undo | multiple dependencies | full editing | dates shortcuts | css skin | multiple browser | resources editing | multiple assignment | milestones | export data in JSON format | resize & scroll

Open Source – MIT
. This component is released under MIT license – only attribution is required.

For more informations:


Notes on Usability and Human Interface


Don’t make me think. — Steve Krug

The most common mistake made on software products usability is to overlook the user mental model that describes the task your software is enabling. That model is a combination of real world experience, other software experience and general computer experience. User’s approach is defined by his experience and the more your application has a familiar behavior, the more will be appreciate by users. As applications are made by programmers, their interface and workflow behaviour are based on technical and incomprehensive solutions that scare and demotivate usability. We also had this kind of approach and hardly are trying to clean our minds from that attitude; at the beginning of our software product experience our aproach was driven by the standard old style software product, made by datagrid (full of data), data-forms (enormous pages full of input fields, textareas, checkboxes), reports… without any care about the user approach and application sexappeal.

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