mb.containerPlus: updated to relase 2.3.2

This update adds a “closed” state once the container is initialized; this state lets the container be drawn in the page but not visible; it can be opened by an external link with this method: 1$("#yourConainerID").mb_open(); To get the latest…

mb._menu video

mb._menu short video my youtube channel

mb.containerPlus video

Some features of mb.containerPlus

mb.containerPlus 2.3.1

New upgrade to fix a refactor bug I genrated on last release… I’m sorry… 🙂 the default method: $.fn.mb_open() and $.fn.mb_close() were broken. You can download the mb.containerPlus 2.3.1 release I published where this problem has been solved. http://pupunzi.wordpress.com/mb-jquery-components/mb-containerplus/

Soon the new mb.ideas.repository website

here is a preview of the new site. Enjoy!

The beauty of adding content on any web page

Icing on the web page How many times I would have liked to have the capability to add different kinds of contents in a web page without the needs of a specific CMS. Websites are often made of few or…