A new charting tool for Patapage

We have published a new charting tool for Patapage. based on jqPlot for jquery, it let you easily show any data as chart on your page with many configuration and a friendly tool to insert your value; it has a…

Published the RSS reader widget for Patapage!

Another great functionality for Patapage: an on line RSS reader that slide over your web page! Go and try it!

jquery.mb.scrollable updated to version 1.5.5

I’ve updated the jquery.mb.scrollable to version 1.5.5 fixing some bugs and adding two callbacks functions: nextCallback and prevCallback. get the latest version!

jQueryExchange addon for Firefox!

Ask questions and get good answers on jQuery directly from your Firefox search bar! Thanks to Federico Soldani now you can search directly from Firefox toolbar into jQueryExchange Q&A! Get the latest jQueryExchange addon for Firefox! https://addons.mozilla.org/it/firefox/addon/51325