pupunzi.com has a new skin

I’m glad to announce that the new pupunzi.com site is out!

I really liked the site as it was before, and as it happens with all the changes,  I’m feeling both sad and happy… But everything must change with time.
This new site gets advantage of all the new HTML5 features (it works great with  “modern” browsers including IE9) and gives the idea of what it’s possible to do with the new web technology generation.

Previous path to components and sections are preserved to maintain all the trackback links unchanged; the graphic is completely new and striking; there are sounds ( you can turn off)  that automatically turn off once the page looses focus; there are tree more jquery plugins published and whaiting for you:

  1. jquery.mb.bgndGallery
  2. jquery.mb.miniAudioPlayer
  3. jquery.mb.valueSlider

Take a look and let me know your impressions.