A flexible photo gallery as background of your web pages!


With this jQuery plugin you can make suggestive slide show of images as background of your page; the images will adapt their size to the window size fitting always at the best. You can either navigate the gallery with your keyboard or with a control panel displayed where you whant in the page.

v. 1.8.9

What’s new in 1.8.9 :

Added two new methods: addImages(Array, goto, shuffle) and removeImages(Array). See the Doc for details.

What’s new in 1.8.8 :

Updated the mb.CSSAnimate and the mb.browser components used by this plugin.

What’s new in 1.8.5+ :

Feature:  Added a thumbs option to create  a thumbnailed navigation bar. See documentation to learn more.

What’s new in 1.8.0 :

Bug-fix: solved a bug that was afflicting the play if the next or the prev button was pressed multiple time. Feature:  Added a full-screen behavior; works only on browsers that allow HTML5 full-screen feature.

What’s new in 1.7.5 :

Feature: Implemented some default transitions you can easily apply to the component via the “effect” parameter; you can still use a JSON object but you can also use a shortcut string for the most commons transitions (fade, slideUp, slideDown, slideLeft, slideRight, zoom). Feel free to contribute with other defaults posting your solution on the dedicated jQuery Q&A tread.

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  1. Nico
    Nico at · Reply

    Hi Matteo,

    there is still only one thing to perfection. Pictures in portrait format and in mirrored landscape format (took with iphone, home button on the left side) are displayed incorrectly (overhead or landscape format instead of potrait format).

    Is it possible to manipulate this behavior, so that images are displayed correct?? Normal pictures (took in landscape mode –> home button on the right side) should be displayed as before, thats perfekt!

    That would be soo great!!

    Best regards from Berlin, Germany!


  2. Nico
    Nico at · Reply

    Hi Matteo,

    one more question ;)

    I want to shuffle the current array image after every new Slideshow Round…

    It is possible?

    And is it possible to delete a specific image in the current image array? Uust about

    myGallery.get(0).opt.xxx= ["imageToBeDeleted.jpg"] ?


    1. Nico
      Nico at ·

      Great Matteo, thx so much!!!


  3. Nico
    Nico at · Reply

    Hi Matteo,

    first of all, you did a realy great job! thx!

    I want to select a specific picture after I added it with the “myGallery.addImages( …);” function. In other words, the slideshow will go directly to the newly added image…

    Is that possible??

    Bye, Nico

    1. Nico
      Nico at ·

      Hi Matteo,

      awesome!! Thx sooo much :-) It works!!

      Another Question:

      Is it possible, to clear the current array of images??


    2. Nico
      Nico at ·

      … without using the changeGallery method

    3. Nico
      Nico at ·

      Thx Matteo, I meant empty the image…. that´s what I searched for!!

      you´re great!!!!!

  4. Pascal
    Pascal at · Reply

    How must I place it? I can’t find the tutorial.

    I use Webplus X7
    I’m not a professional in webdesign.



  5. Alp
    Alp at · Reply


    Fade effect doesn’t work properly with Chrome ‘s lastest version. ( Its ok with firefox , just doesn’t work Chrome maybe Safari )


    Can you please help ?


  6. Michelle Lana
    Michelle Lana at · Reply

    HI Matteo
    I am using your mb.bgndGallery and I was wondering if you can tell me how I can add another photo so there is more than 3? also, how do I make it not random? I just want a specific photo go first when it rotates? I appreciate your help on this.


  7. Franco
    Franco at · Reply

    I answer only yes, you have to change to false either.
    Thank you very much.

    (IT= Mi rispondo da solo: sì, bisogna cambiare in false entrambi.
    Grazie infinite.)

  8. Franco
    Franco at · Reply

    Yes, it’s true. Even the call is true. So I have to change them both to false?
    Sorry and thanks again.

    (IT= Sì, vero. Anche nella chiamata c’è true. Dunque devo cambiarle entrambe in false?
    Scusami e grazie ancora.)

  9. Franco
    Franco at · Reply

    Thank you for responding quickly. My English is by google translator, so perhaps I have not explained well, because I have already set the value to false, but the images are always random. Maybe I have to set true?
    Thank you again.

    (Grazie per aver risposto velocemente. Il mio inglese è da Google translator, dunque, forse, non mi sono spiegato bene, perchè ho già impostato il valore false, ma le immagini sono sempre casuali. Forse devo impostare true?
    Grazie ancora.)

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