A flexible photo gallery as background of your web pages!


With this jQuery plugin you can make suggestive slide show of images as background of your page; the images will adapt their size to the window size fitting always at the best. You can either navigate the gallery with your keyboard or with a control panel displayed where you whant in the page.

v. 1.9.1

What’s new in 1.9.1 :

Bugfix: Reintroduced the “loadFromSystem” method that was lost in the previous release.

What’s new in 1.9.0 :

Bugfix: just fixed a bug with the changeGallery method that didn’t return the new array correctly.

What’s new in 1.8.9 :

Added two new methods: addImages(Array, goto, shuffle) and removeImages(Array). See the Doc for details.

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  1. cvele
    cvele at · Reply

    Excellent work but help needed.

    Have a rotating image in background (jquery.mb.bgndGallery) on CONTACT page. Problem is that SPACE doesn’t work. It works for controlling the rotating image in background, but when want to type something in TEXT AREA of the FORM SPACE doesn’t work. How to disable SPACE?

    Best regards,

  2. sri ananda
    sri ananda at · Reply


    The “mb bgndgallery” gives problems in the latest firefox on win8.1 64 bit.
    There are problems with partial horizontal areas at the bottom of some pictures that are not displayed…

    could you help me with this please ?

    Thanks !

  3. Mika Kaakinen
    Mika Kaakinen at · Reply

    Great work!

  4. peppe
    peppe at · Reply

    hi very nice work. i wold like to get autofullscreen when i open a webpage and later i wold like get a logo in fullscreen. How can do it? Thanks….

  5. Anni
    Anni at · Reply

    Hi Metteo,

    wonderful script!

    Can you tell me, how can I detect pictures in potrait mode.

    I want do rotate them.

    Thanks so much!

    Bye, Anni

  6. reems
    reems at · Reply

    Hi Matteo,

    Great script. I have included it in a website I’m building nut I have a question.

    I let the images array be created dynamically with php so the slides change depending of the sitepage.
    But this will not work for the thumbnails because only a folder for the thumbnails can be put in the properties.

    Is there a way to let your script function also with an array of thumbnails? Because an array can be created dynamically the same as the images array.


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