jquery.mb.menu updated to v. 2.7.6


What’s new in 2.7.6:

  • Added at line 377: if ($.browser.msie) menuVoice.css({maxWidth:op.options.menuWidth}) to constrain textbox into the menu width in IE :-;
  • Added $.fn.removeMbMenu() to close any opened manu from an external or internal link.
  • Changed with –> minWidth at line 495 to let menu expand in line contnet exceed.
  • Added at line 312 $(this.menuContainer).attr(“id”, “mb_”+m).hide(); to set an ID to the menucontainer.
  • Set a local variable for $(opener.menuContainer).find(“#” + m + “_” + i); to improve performance in IE. (thanks to Sergey Vostretsov, svostretsov@gmail.com)
  • Changed the [cMenu] and [menu] selector to get the element itself on initialize. (thanks to Johan, johan.brichau@uclouvain.be)

take a look!