jQuery.mb.containerPlus 2.4.7 is Out!

A major update of mb.containerPlus is Out!

2.4.7 minor and major issue and bugfix:
1. added minWidth and minHeight to be setted as metadata of the container.
2. modified onClose callback to be executed after the transition effect.
3. added onBeforeClose callback to be executed before the close transition effect.
4. now the resize event of a container into a dom element take care of the containment.
5. added alwaysOnTop metadata param to mantain the container always on top.
6. added mb_setFixedPosition() method to set fixed position on the fly.
7. fixed a bug in mb_setCookie() with expire date.
8. Added a dockedIconDim param to set the dimension of docked icons.
9. Fixed a bug that if the container hasn’t a height set, once restored from minimized, it still expand its contenet without showing scrollbars.

Get it now: http://pupunzi.open-lab.com/mb-jquery-components/mb-containerplus/