mb.YTPlayer 3.0 for WordPress

The next major release of the WordPress mb.YTPlayer plug-in will have a surprise.

For many years this plug-in has been distributed for free asking for a donation to the author (me) to sustain the development. This politic did not give the desired result; except for few sustainers that probably understand the work behind the development and the support, anyone did donate for it.
I really believe that sharing our experience is the most fulfilling thing but I now understand that everything I did till now needs a recognition in economic terms. As anyone else I have to feed my children 🙂

So, what’s going to change?

The mb.YTPlayer plug-in for WordPress is still free and you can download it and update it from the WordPress plug-in repository as before; It will work for homepage or blog page background videos as usual except that it will have a water-mark on the bottom right side. The short-code generator used to inject the video on any other page will not work anymore with the free version.

To remove the water-mark and to use the short code on any page you’ll need to buy a license. The license will be activated with a key you receive via e-mail after the purchase and will be valid for your site domain. The cost is symbolic, just 8 euro.

If you don’t want to pay for it you should not update the plug-in anymore but you would loose something.

For all the one that made at least a 5 euro donation please contact me specifying the Paypal transaction ID, your e-mail and the domain the plug-in is installed on and I’ll send you a free license key.

What’s new with this release 3.0?

The new release has been partially revisited and the most relevant feature is that you can now specify a page section (using the ID or a specific css class of the element) where the background video should be displayed.

In the next future many other feature will be added for the paying version as, for example, the possibility to apply visual filters to the video (grayscale, sepia, contrast, etc.), masking the video, setting multiple videos to be shown one after the other, etc.

So, keep in touch and help the mb.ideas development :-).