A free Q&A service for your jQuery components

imageAdd FREE and quality Q&A for your jQuery component HERE

My components suite mb.components benefits greatly from the Q&A service which we bought from StackExchange services. We decided to offer to all jQuery component developers free hosting on the jquery.pupunzi.com service.

What you get: if you link your components site to jquery.pupunzi.com,

1. you get the best online Q&A service you can get: see stackoverflow.com.
2. we will add a home page banner pointing to your components site, as in the picture on the left.

You should link from your site filtering by the “root” tag concerning your component, e.g.


Why we do this: it is a way to get more visibility to our (and your) component by “sharing” users. It is also a way to share answers and experts on jQuery components.

How to proceed: write me an e-mail at info at open-lab dot com, and I’ll get back to you.