Teamwork 4.0 released!


Finally Teamwork 4.0 has been released!

Get it here:

Teamwork is a solution for managing work and communication through projects in any field. Groupware and project management features are used in an integrated environment, from which you can coordinate and manage hundreds of open projects at once. Teamwork is easy to use, so that the entire team can contribute.

What’s New:

  • get more integration between the different sections of Teamwork
  • expand project management functionality with resource management and business processes
  • create a “Teamwork talks” set of functionalities, so that Teamwork would natively interact with the various services which now are widely used to track one’s activity, from Google apps, to Twitter and Subversion
  • deeply revise the user interface, by:
    • keeping “embracing the web”, but empowering the basic url request – page display cycle with dynamical web parts that allow in place and multi-line editing
    • make it easier to reach information, through silently smart search functions and empowered dashboards  (see the future blog post on group ranking)

So, if you need a Work Management Software,
you need Teamwork 4.0!

Get It now!