There’s a new Jquery Exchange Q&A for Pupunzi


It was long time that we in Open Lab were thinking to make our own Q&A software. We need it to give support for all of our products, from Teamwork to Licorize. We didn’t want to make a Forum because we didn’t want structured and complex discussions. Just high quality Questions and Answers. Something like Stack overflow; simple, easy to use, useful. A tool that brings the attention to the more relevant questions in a smart way.

Finally we are happy to announce the beta of our Q&A and we decided to use the Pupunzi’s one as the guinea pig :-).
It is a Java based free and open source project running on Tomcat6+, JDK6+ and MySQL. It has a notification system built in available for all subscribed users; a reputation system used both for questions and users; you can enroll using the most commons openID (Twitter, Google or Facebook) or just creating a local account; it can share each question’s threadon Facebook or Twitter; the design is nice, clean and easily customizable.

the icing on the cake

One of the great feature of this web app is its adaptive interface: From desktop to mobile. And it’s lovely :-).


Of course it’s still in Beta and probably much has to be done to reach perfection :-), but I think it is a step over many of other solutions for managing support. I know it’s not me that should say that; so I hope you all will use it to ask questions about my components and I hope you’ll have a nice experience using it.

Any feedback is really appreciated.

If you are looking for a Q&A Java based web app to implement into your solution here is the link to the GitHub repository of our JavaQ&A:;