ContainerPlus has been rewritten

jQuery.mb.containerPlus is going to have a new life.

jQuery.mb.containerPlus is one of the most appreciated jquery plug-in of mine (more than 25.000 downloads till now) and I decided it was time to radically update the code.

There are many improvements in this new release that certainly you’ll appreciate; here are some of them:

  1. Skins doesn’t use images anymore and are completely realized via CSS3.
    This means you can easily modify and personalize containers for your usage.
  2. improved compatibility with devices.
    You can drag and resize containers also on your iPad.
  3. Implemented an easy way to add functionalities and customizations (plugins) via javascript.
    This method ( $.containerize.addMethod(“yourMethod”,fn) ) inject functionalities you can use for your container as, for example, adding a full screen behaviour.
  4. Removed the dependence to the jQuery.metadata.js plugin.
    Now it uses the DATA attribute to store container properties.

I’m working to fix all the bugs and to implement all the features used in the previous release.

You can see a preview here:

Hope to make it public soon.
Suggestions are apreciated,