Bookmarking is over. just licorize it!

For the web worker tribe

Is Licorize just another bookmarking service? …Not indeed!

It’s an innovative experiences collector (now in beta) that lets you turn any web bookmark or status update from twitter® and facebook® into an active part of any shared project you and your team are working on. You can also share ideas, todos, goals, appointments, messages and so on.
All that data is then reorganized and tagged into an environment where all project members can see how his team mates are working, what sites they have been to and which tasks have already been completed.

As Pietro Polsinelli says on his post Social and asocial bookmarking:

“[…] From the consideration that bookmarking is often a part of collecting ideas for a specific project, or a specific idea search, came the idea of building a bookmarking service that could support bookmarking quickly in a definite context – and work from there on. The input for this say “idea collection” does not come just from bookmarking, also from status updates, iPhone/Evernote photos, and so on.”

Licorize can import bookmarks from your browser and from Delicious®; it has plug-ins for Firefox, Chrome, Safari (The extensions allow you to bookmark URLs, annotate them, or share them with a team) and bookmarklet for all the others… And soon it’ll be integrated with evernote® for a 360° collecting experience. Last but not least it has a super smart interface for an exciting user experience!

If you start using it you’ll love it!

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