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Let your content look great!

This is a useful plug in to build full featured and fully skinnable containers. The container can be set to draggable, resizable, collapsable and minimizable.

v. 3.5.5

What’s new in 3.5.5:

  • Added “autoresize” method to adapt the container to the height of the content.
  • refined the “rememberMe” behavior.

What’s new in 3.5.4:

  • Added compatibility with IE11.
  • Refined the behavior of the container if initialized as “iconize”.

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  1. mark
    mark at · Reply

    yes opacity works but text is too transparent thats not very good… any solutions please ?

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  4. Giovanni
    Giovanni at · Reply

    Ciao Matteo,

    congratulazioni per les librerie, direi anche indispensabili 🙂

    Oggi ho installato mb.containerPlus ma ho un syntax error :
    SyntaxError: syntax error
    error source line:

    small, strike, strong, sub, sup, tt, var,

    mb.con…lus.css (linea 26, col 37)

    Utilizzo l’ultimo Firefox.

    Grazie in anticipo per il tuo supporto


    1. Giovanni
      Giovanni at ·

      Grazie per la risposta 🙂
      Correzione fatta e tutto funziona a meraviglia.

  5. Dylan
    Dylan at · Reply

    Dear Matteo, I’ve implemented your beautiful script in http://www.screenturner.nl/x

    (if you press “Onze visie op de filmmarkt” in the white bar at the bottom you’d normally get a draggable container)

    But since a couple of weeks the plugin doesn’t seem to work, also the original demo of the 2.6.0 doesn’t work in the latest safari, chrome and firefox updates.

    Would you know what could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    Kind regards,


    1. Matteo Bicocchi
      Matteo Bicocchi at ·

      Hi Dylan,
      Read this article where I explain why you are getting problems and where I give you the solution:


    2. Dylan
      Dylan at ·

      Hi Matteo,

      Your solution worked!:) Thank you for the fast reply.

      Cheers, Dylan

  6. Stefan
    Stefan at · Reply

    Great Plugin. Tks for it.
    I have a little problem.

    I construct the container with defaults:

    /* Gmap Container */
    containment: “document”,
    elementsPath: “/Content/container/elements/”,
    mantainOnWindow: false,
    onCreate: function (o) {
    onResize: function (o) {
    onClose: function (o) {
    onCollapse: function (o) {
    onIconize: function (o) {
    onDrag: function (o) {
    onRestore: function (o) {

    then i have the following code:
    /* Close/Open Map on Modal */
    $(‘#contactModal’).on(‘show’, function(e) {
    $(‘#contactModal’).on(‘hidden’, function (e) {

    When I call the .mb_open, i get the following error:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘effectDuration’ of undefined

    can you tell me what i do wrong ?


    1. Matteo Bicocchi
      Matteo Bicocchi at ·

      You should provide me a public URL of that page to let me understand what is the problem.

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  8. Dave
    Dave at · Reply

    Ok nevermind I figured it out, I just replaced the old mbContainer.min.js file with the new mbContainer.js file. No need to help thanks for the awesome plugin! (:

  9. Dave
    Dave at · Reply

    Hi Mateo

    We’ve spoken before. I used your plugin to make this site, http://www.those1kidds.com/ctec Updates to the browsers must of stopped the plugin from working again. Could you take a quick look at the source code and let me know what to do to get it working in the updated browsers. Thanks!

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