A chrome-less player for YouTube movies!


Use this player to show your favorite YouTube movies on your page! Or easily transform your Youtube movie into a HTML background!


Tips and tricks:

You can easily create a background video switcher as the button below:

The code for this is:


v. 2.7.1


What’s new in 2.7.1:

  • Bug fix: Fixed a conflict with the Bootstrap framework.
  • Bug fix: Something is changed in the Youtube API that was preventing the auto-play of the video; now the “can play state” is more accurate and should speed up the start of the video.

What’s new in 2.7.0:

  • Bug fix – fixed a bug that was preventing the volume to be set correctly.

Available also as WordPress® component.

You can find the WordPress plugin here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpmbytplayer/ The WordPress component is internationalized and it’s available in English, Italian and Spanish (thanks to Andrew Kurtis http://www.webhostinghub.com). below a short tutorial on how to install and configure it on your WordPress site.

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  1. Erwin van Amersfoort
    Erwin van Amersfoort at · Reply

    I also experience the autoplay issue, which Dimitar Koev describes.

  2. Dimitar Koev
    Dimitar Koev at · Reply

    Actually it’s there but doesn’t autoplay anymore

    1. Dimitar Koev
      Dimitar Koev at ·

      Thank you. I can see this page background works now. The last YT API update was on 15.08 (last Friday). Thanks for your support. :)

  3. Dimitar Koev
    Dimitar Koev at · Reply

    Your demo page and all sites where I am using it suddenly stopped working. Just nothing. No video.

  4. Mem
    Mem at · Reply

    Hello, i love the pluggin, i installed it and worked great at first, but suddenly it started autoplaying..ive checked its set to autoPlay: true, but cant get it to work, also none from your demos are autoplaying anymore once i uploaded them to a testing directory. Something changed?

  5. Vinnie
    Vinnie at · Reply

    http://www.c-istudios.com/ is the URL in question – but if this is the case, may have to use something else. But still enjoy this plugin and your other works! Going to check out Twproject as well for one of my agencies

  6. Vinnie
    Vinnie at · Reply

    Any idea on that last question Matteo? – Much appreciated!

    Also I’ll just rename plugin so it doesn’t rewrite over for update :) Sent you donation from support@seosmooth.com yesterday, hope you got it! :)

  7. Vinnie
    Vinnie at · Reply

    Hello, LOVE the plugin. I took the script out that the WP plugin inputs so I can use it on all pages. I just want it working on all pages without the shortcode. Lots of pages on the site in my link so =\

    Is there a way to have the plugin just automatically go on all pages, without shortcode? So my client would be able to just change the Youtube link in the plugin for the entire site?

    1. Vinnie
      Vinnie at ·

      Thanks a ton!!

      Also, if I wanted to try to remove as much delay in loading as possible, I was trying to take the code and insert it right after the opening body tag, instead of right before the closing body tag. If I copy the code over manually, it doesn’t load near the beginning, but only does at the end. (If I call the script then I mean manually instead of activating the plugin). Any tips on this? And really really really appreciate your responses so quick. Donating today.

  8. CyberKatze
    CyberKatze at · Reply


    great plugin, but doesn’t work on mobile device: iPhone, Adnroid…

  9. Rscosca
    Rscosca at · Reply


    First, I love your plugin. It’s so great. But I have a problem when I use the next video: http://youtu.be/SSQl53Tp2Aw
    The video doesn’t end correctly. It is repeated when there are 3 seconds to end. How can I fix this?


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