A chrome-less player for YouTube movies!


Use this player to show your favorite YouTube movies on your page! Or easily transform your Youtube movie into a HTML background!


Tips and tricks:

You can easily create a background video switcher as the button below:

The code for this is:


v. 2.8.0



Also available as WordPress® component.

You can find the WordPress plugin here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpmbytplayer/ The WordPress component is internationalized and it’s available in English, Italian and Spanish (thanks to Andrew Kurtis http://www.webhostinghub.com). below a short tutorial on how to install and configure it on your WordPress site.


What’s new in 2.8.0:

  • Feature: Reintroduced the “optimizeDisplay” option (default is true). If set to false the video will be played without any crop.

What’s new in 2.7.9:

  • Bug fix: When the player was instanced inside an iframe cross domain it was throwing an error.

What’s new in 2.7.8:

  • Feature: Added a new option, stopMovieOnBlur, to control the pause behavior when the window loose the focus.

What’s new in 2.7.7:

  • Fix: Something changed in the YT API that was preventing Firefox to get .getVideoLoadedFraction() at video load breaking the plug-in.

558 Responses

  1. Joao Falcao
    Joao Falcao at · Reply

    Is it possible to use YTPlayer with flex slider

    Best regards

  2. Jason
    Jason at · Reply

    Hey Matteo,

    Thanks for the GREAT plugin.

    Is there a way to limit the video to play on only a segment of the page?

    If you look at (http://moderndreamfilms.com/) you’ll see that the video repeats again as
    you scroll down the page. The bg video looks great on the first segment, but I don’t want it repeating farther down.

    Is there a way to fix this?



  3. BT
    BT at · Reply

    Hi Pupunzi,

    I like your web design and your Jquerry YT player. I will read a little bit more your documentation and try to install it on my Joomla site.

    Do you think that it could be possible to find a solution to have on load an audio fade in (and why not fade in image too) ?

    And is it possible with your JS to have the control bar of YT ?



  4. Todd
    Todd at · Reply

    Having some trouble with getting the video to load seamlessly. It’ll load up a brief screen capture, then fade to black and then the loading animation before playing the video. Is there something I need to optimize with YouTube?


  5. Brad
    Brad at · Reply


    The optimizeDisplay feature does not toggle off. Setting the option to false does nothing, so you cannot turn it off for videos that get cropped too much. Looking inside the script, it appears it has been forgotten.

    script last modified: 19/08/14 20.13


  6. HappySun
    HappySun at · Reply

    Dear Pupunzi,

    I have the same problem with the YTPlayer. I uploaded my video to youtube.
    In my HTML-built website the video is cut at the top and bottom now. I have tried it on different screen resolutions with the same result. I looks like a zoom-function for me. Why does this happen, can you help me please?

    Further information: The youtube video measurements are HD, 1280×720. In my website the height is more important then the width. Consindering the width, it would be ok, if the height will scale down (without cutting) and there were a black border on the left and on the right side.

  7. sven
    sven at · Reply

    hi. first of all: i love your script!
    the scaling is not working properly. i tried all browsers.
    in fullscreen mode the video is too big, which means
    that the video is cut at the sides and at top and bottom..
    in “normal mode” it’s even more “zoomed in”. is there
    any chance to get this fixed or do you know why it’s
    behaving like this?
    Thanks in advance –
    have a nice time,

  8. Rodrigo
    Rodrigo at · Reply

    It Works!!!

  9. Rodrigo
    Rodrigo at · Reply

    Anyway im using your other plugin becase i need to insert video from other websites.
    I try to do this plugin responsive ,Im near but no close at all

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