A chrome-less player for YouTube movies!


Use this player to show your favorite YouTube movies on your page! Or easily transform your Youtube movie into a HTML background!


Tips and tricks:

You can easily create a background video switcher as the button above:

The code for this is:


v. 2.6.6


What’s new in 2.6.6:

  • Bug fix – fixed a bug for startAt behavior.
  • Bug fix – fixed a bug for fullscreen behavior with the player set for a custom element.

What’s new in 2.6.3:

  • *Feature: Added “stopAt” property to set when the video should end in seconds from the beginning.
  • Bug fix – fixed a bug for full-screen behavior.

What’s new in 2.6.0:

  • *Feature: Added _GA event track to get statistics if GA Analytics is active (under the Events section): _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'YTPlayer', 'Play', (YTPlayer.title || YTPlayer.videoID.toString())]);.
  • Bug fix – full-screen didn’t work as supposed for in-line videos.

Available also as WordPress® component.


You can find the WordPress plugin here:

The WordPress component is internationalized and it’s available in English, Italian and Spanish (thanks to Andrew Kurtis http://www.webhostinghub.com).

below a short tutorial on how to install and configure it on your WordPress site.


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  1. Andy
    Andy at · Reply

    Thanks Matteo, I saw that you’d published 1.8.0 I updated and all is fine. Many Thanks.
    Another Question, how do I get a list of videos to play randomly, what code do I need and where does it go?
    More thanks

  2. Andy
    Andy at · Reply


    I have just updated to 1.7.9. and the background video is no longer playing. I updated on 14/04/2014 and left enough time for You Tube to catch up, but still not playing. website is http://www.bluezoo.org.uk.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Mariano
    Mariano at · Reply


    I’m having an issue using full screen option when the video is on DOM element.


  4. Antivirus Software Blog » jquery.mb.YTPlayer 2.6.6

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  5. Abhijit Basu
    Abhijit Basu at · Reply

    Hi there,

    I have set startAt property to 23 secs,
    if I use your previous .js version then the video starts at 0 as you would be able to see on the website and if I use the 2.6.3 version then it shows blank screen for first 23 secs and then starts from 23secs on ward.

    I want the video to start at 23 secs as the page is open right away.

    Help is much appreciated
    Thank you.

    STAART at · Reply

    Hi :)

    Can you tell me what is wrong on my source ? Video not appear :’(


  7. Rafael
    Rafael at · Reply

    Hi Matteo

    First of all thank you so much for this wonderful plugin. I am using this plugin as background with a tagline exactly in the middle of the window. More like a banner

    The problem is when I implemented the necessary markup for this plugin the tagline goes offset to the top
    This is the css code for that tagline:
    .intro {
    color: #fff;
    position: absolute;
    width: 656px;
    height: 334px;
    margin-left: -328px;
    margin-top: -167px;
    left: 50%;
    top: 50%;
    z-index: 100;

    css for background video:
    #bgndVideo {
    z-index: 99;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    position: relative;


    Toggle navigation


    Just type then hit enter

    Creativity starts by viewing the world differently.
    Tagline goes here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing
    Find out more

    It works perfectly fine before I implemented the video and i’m using a image placeholder to fill the banner area and now the tagline is not centered vertically.

    I tired to include the TYPlayer.css but there’s no difference.

  8. Dan
    Dan at · Reply


    I’m having an issue with this script disabling other button elements on a page. Do you have any idea how I can stop this happening?

    Example page: http://stuherring.co.uk/news/test-blog-post


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