The easiest way to share your favorite media content on your site!


Do you want to show a movie from youtube, vimeo, flickr, livestream, ustream?
Or you want to have your audiopodcast (mp3 file) on your web page?

Nothing easier with mb.mediaEmbedder!
Just copy the URL and paste it on your page specifiyng the origin: [ youtube=video URL ]

v. 1.0


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  2. BK
    BK at · Reply

    Me agein. I think the problem is not to figure out when mediaEmbedder finished embedding. The embedding is finished very quick. The problem is that the Youtube vids take to long to long so a following animation will stutter while the videos from youtube are still getting loaded into the object or (in my case) the iframe.

  3. BK
    BK at · Reply

    Dear Matteo,

    I really enjoy the mediaEmbedder and would like to know if you plan to expand the plugin with a callback. What I need is a callback to trigger further functions when the mediaEmbedder finished embedding all […] tags.

    Thank u and thank u for this outstanding script.


  4. Antonio
    Antonio at · Reply

    Mi sembra che il plugin non funzioni per un video Ustream. Anche la demo non visualizza il video dell’url.

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