Explore my jQuery components:


A chrome-less player for YouTube movies! Use this player to show your favorite YouTube movies on your page! Or easily transform your Youtube movie into a HTML background! v. 3.0.10 see the demo read the doc get support   Also available...


An HTML5 player for your music! Pietro Bicocchi – Allegro This is a GUI implementation of Happyworm jPlayer plugin, an HTML5 audio engine, developed on jQuery framework, that let you listen mp3 and ogg file over the html5 audio tag...

jquery mb.menu

This is a powerful jQuery component to build easily a multilevel tree menu or a contextual menu (right click) in an intuitive way! You can add as many submenus as you want; if your submenu or menu is not declared...

jquery mb.containerPlus

Let your content look great! This is a useful plug in to build full featured and fully skinnable containers. The container can be set to draggable, resizable, collapsable and minimizable. v. 3.5.5 see the demo   read the doc get...

jquery mb.extruder

A good way to have extra content or a navigation tool in your page! This jQuery component let you easily build a sliding panel where to insert any kind of content; it has built-in all the functionalities for managing menu...


A flexible photo gallery as background of your web pages! With this jQuery plugin you can make suggestive slide show of images as background of your page; the images will adapt their size to the window size fitting always at...

jquery mb.gallery

Here it is. A super clean photo gallery! A full featured photo gallery, with navigation toolbar, thumbnails, autosize frame; you can also use it to show a public Flickr set or all public Flickr user photos. v. 2.3.0 see the...


Explore large images with this tool! If you have large images and you want to let people explore them you can use this tool; it adds zoom-in zoom-out and pan functionality; it has configurable magnification level and it provides built-in...


A good way to manage long list in short space! jquery.mb.verticalSlider let you show long list of elements managing pagination, it can work with elements already in the DOM of your page or loading them via ajax when needed. And...


Catch the value with your mouse! jquery.mb.valueSlider let you set a range between two numbers (positive or negative) and catch a value by dragging a cursor. v. 1.6.0 see the demo read the doc get support 1.6.0 Feature: Added a...


The easiest way to share your favorite media content on your site! Do you want to show a movie from youtube, vimeo, flickr, livestream, ustream? Or you want to have your audiopodcast (mp3 file) on your web page? Nothing easier...

jquery mb.maskedGallery

Slide your images into a mask! Build your own png mask and choose your images to slide inside! v. 1.9.2 see the demodownload itsee the documentation What’s new in 1.9.2: added description of each image

jquery mb.tabset

keep your tabs ordered! A useful component that let you build a tabbed interface really easily; ad you can even sort your tabs as you want! see the demodownload it How does it works: here is the js call: $("#tabset1").buildMbTabset({...

jquery mb.tooltip

Nice tooltip for yor page! Now you can replace the ugly default tooltip with this smart and nice one! v. 1.8.0 download it   see the documentation

jquery mb.imageNavigator

Navigate into extralarge images! A photogallery for extralarg images with navigator. You can drag your extralarge image in the display by the navigator or the image itself. Enjoy yourself into images. 2.0 see the demo download it Major issue released:...

jquery mb.scrollable

Scroll your content! Need to show many elements in constricted space? 1, 2, 3, 15…slide how many box you want with a simple and configurable navigation toolbar. v. 1.7.0 see the demodownload itsee the documentation What’s new in v. 1.7.0:...


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  1. CSS Sites
    CSS Sites at ·

    Nice technique, Cool stuff for designers, Thanks for the post.

  2. Boris
    Boris at ·

    ciao Matteo, mi unisco ai complimenti per i tuoi componenti! ho trovato molto interessante mb.Gallery e mi domandavo se c’era la possibilitá di combinare thumbs di img con thumbs legati ad un video da visualizzare in streaming (no youtube, ustream, ecc.). in attesa di risposta ti mando un cordiale saluto.

    1. Matteo Bicocchi
      Matteo Bicocchi at ·

      Ciao Boris,
      mi dispiace ma il componente supporta solo immagini e sarebbe complicato per come è costruito ora fare quello che ti serve.

  3. Davide
    Davide at ·

    Ciao Matteo.

    Ti ho scovato per caso su Meetups ed ho trovato molto interessanti i tuoi progetti, soprattutto mb.ile.
    Ho scritto una recensione sul mio sito http://www.jqueryitalia.org relativamente a mb.components e mb.ile.
    MI farebbe immensamente piacere se volessi collaborare con la nostra community per far crescere la conoscenza di jQuery in Italia.

    1. Matteo Bicocchi
      Matteo Bicocchi at ·

      Ciao Davide,
      Grazie per l’ottima recenzione che hai fatto sui miei componenti.
      Fammi sapere in che forma posso collaborare alla vostra iniziativa e vedrò cosa posso fare.

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