A chrome-less player for YouTube movies!


Use this player to show your favorite YouTube movies on your page! Or easily transform your Youtube movie into a HTML background!

v. 3.2.9

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Also available as WordPress® component.

You can find the WordPress plugin here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpmbytplayer/ The WordPress component is internationalized and it’s available in English, Italian and Spanish (thanks to Andrew Kurtis http://www.webhostinghub.com). below a short tutorial on how to install and configure it on your WordPress site.

What’s new in 3.2.9:

  • Bugfix: The anchor point was not properly set by the “optimizeDislay” method

What’s new in 3.2.8:

  • Bugfix: Better Optimize display management

What’s new in 3.2.7:

  • Bugfix: The video ddn’t start muted anymore

What’s new in 3.2.6:

  • Bugfix: The YTPlaylist() method ddn’t work anymore due to a bug introduced on the YTPGetPlayer() one

What’s new in 3.2.5:

  • Bugfix: StartAt was buggy and didn’t work anymore.

What’s new in 3.2.3:

  • Feature: Refined the “playOnlyIfVisible” option behavior to pause the video if not visible on the screen.

What’s new in 3.2.2:

  • Bug fix: On mobile, the YTPToggleVolume method didn’t work as expected. Now you can mute/unmute video without any problem.

What’s new in 3.2.1:

  • New feature: Added “playOnlyIfVisible” property to play the video only if it is visible on screen.

What’s new in 3.1.12:

  • Bug fix: Solved a bug with the YTPlaylist YTPPlayNext method that some times didn’t work as aspected.

What’s new in 3.1.11:

  • Bug fix: Options were not stored correctly and the last player was overwritin the options of previously initialized players.

What’s new in 3.1.9:

  • Updated the “onError” function to fire the user callback before the default error methods.