jquery mb.containerPlus


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This is a useful plug in to build full featured and fully skinnable containers. The container can be set to draggable, resizable, collapsable and minimizable.

v. 3.5.5

What’s new in 3.5.5:

  • Added “autoresize” method to adapt the container to the height of the content.
  • refined the “rememberMe” behavior.

What’s new in 3.5.4:

  • Added compatibility with IE11.
  • Refined the behavior of the container if initialized as “iconize”.

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  2. Ben
    Ben at · Reply

    Hello! Love mbContainers, using 3.0 and have an issue.

    I would like to open a jQuery dialogue modal box inside a mbContainer MODAL, I cant seem to be able to set the zIndex of the modal consistently to be on top of the MODAL.

    Can I use the mb_bringToFront for this, if so how?


  3. xtreemmak
    xtreemmak at · Reply

    Having a problem with the container not closing properly. After I close the container the first time and try to call it again, it won’t close the second time. I’m able to get to the container again by fading it in with jQuery. Someone said it’s possibly a bind problem, but not sure how to fix using .die or .off if that would even work…

    Any help? I would really like to use this plugin but can’t seem to figure this last part out.

    1. Matteo Bicocchi
      Matteo Bicocchi at ·

      which version of the plugin are you using?

    2. xtreemmak
      xtreemmak at ·

      I’m using version 2.6.0.
      What I was trying to do was pull up a window with content, close it, and then load different content in the same window. I got the content to appear alright, and it closes the first time, but the second time when I pull it up, the close button won’t fire. The way I was able to retrieve the window was to fade back in the same div that represent the window. Somehow, I don’t think that was supposed to happen, however it brings the question why the div is still wrapped with the window anyway? I thought the close button destroys it entirely so when I call it again, it’s like a new window?

    3. Matteo Bicocchi
      Matteo Bicocchi at ·

      The close button doesn’t destroy the container but it just fade it out; the container still exist in the DOM.

      As I can understand, the behavior you want is almost the same the black “container demo” has in the demo.html file and it doesn’t stop working as your. If you provide me a public URL where I can see the code I can give it a look and find out what’s going on.

      Bye, Matteo

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  6. Martin
    Martin at · Reply

    Hi Matt,

    1st of all, great job!

    I am using the containers inside of which I need some jQuery .live() binds. When i close the window, the .live() are still there.

    Is there a way to generically destroy all these binds when closing the window?


  7. Satya
    Satya at · Reply

    This is a really fantastic and excellent plugin. Love the way it works!

    Thanks for sharing this plugin.

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  9. Juan P.
    Juan P. at · Reply

    I’m newbie in Jquery.

    1. How I can I change the title to a window that was already created?
    2. How I can get a reference to a window? This does not work for me:

    var myWin = $(‘#w’+id).buildContainers({ … })

    Thanks. Goog job

  10. John McCrae
    John McCrae at · Reply

    Matteo, thanks for your prompt response, I am using IE8, I have added some style parameters style=’overflow: auto; width: 100%; height: 100%;’ to the div I have included in your container this is the DIV that receives the Ajax return. This solution seems to be a little temperamental in that every now and then when you drag the container you can see IE attempting to add another scroll bar then remove it, my solution doesn’t appear to be a very clean one and I am thinking it might be in conflict with a scroll you have already in place for your container but I might be wrong. Thank you – John.

    1. Matteo Bicocchi
      Matteo Bicocchi at ·

      Hi John,
      I just made some tests on IE8 running containers with long texts but I can’t replicate your behaviour. If I load a long content into a container with a fixed height the container overflow works fine for me…
      Do you have a public URL where to see the behaviour?

    2. john
      john at ·

      Matteo, thank you for attempting to help me, I was running some older jquery source files. Since I have updated these with 2.6.0 it is working really well. I really like the simplified div containers in the latest version and the functions you have provided allow access to pretty much any component. Excellent work! and thank you for making this available. Thank you – John

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