An HTML5 player for your music! Pietro Bicocchi – Allegro

This is a GUI implementation of Happyworm jPlayer plugin, an HTML5 audio engine, developed on jQuery framework, that let you listen mp3 and ogg file over the html5 audio tag where supported or using an invisible flash player where not supported. For more informations about html5 browsers’ support go to jPlayer documentation site.

v. 1.8.5


Also available as WordPress® component.

You can find the WordPress plugin here:

What’s new in 1.8.5 release:

  • Bug fix: Added a patch to jPlayer that should have fixed that Android bug. Now works correctly on Android devices too.

What’s new in 1.8.1 release:

  • Feature: The player size is more accurate.
  • Feature: The player is now rendered as DIV instead of TABLE.
  • The skinMaker has been redesigned.
    If you are updating from a previous version you have to replace the CSS file (many classes has been redefined).

What’s new in 1.7.7 release:

  • Feature: Updated to jPlayer 2.5.0.

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  1. Jan
    Jan at · Reply


    I want to use the jquery.mb.miniAudioPlayer WordPress Plugin. The Player looks really great!

    But I’ve got one problem:
    On my Macbook (Firefox, Safari) the Player works fine. But on my iPhone/iPad I can’t see the volume levels buttons. I just see the button to turn off/on the volume. And this button doesn’t work.

    Is there a solution for my problem? That would be very nice.

  2. Jarek
    Jarek at · Reply

    I have question about player. I have installed it in Joomla 2.5 and it works quite well.
    But i have problem with long time loading page beacuse i have 20 files (30 sec preview – every one).
    When i load page all of files are loaded in one time.

    I was reed that this player is builded using jPlayer – i was reed also documentation of it and there is option known as: preload with some parameters (“none”, “metadata” and “auto”).

    I think that all files are loaded in one time. I would like to add- preload option to Your player, and make the same that all files aren’t be loaded on load page. So i tried to do this but i don’t know where add this code. Could you help me with this?

    All documentation about it:

  3. Bartolo G.
    Bartolo G. at · Reply

    Hi Matteo,
    first of all thank you for the very nice player! I tried to use the player in a page which loads content with jquery.load(). It all works well, but of course when I change page content, while the player is playing, the player does not stop. So I tried

    $(‘.audio’).each(function(){ $(this).mb_miniPlayer_stop(); });

    before loading any content, but it doesnt work (I noticed that if I call the same with ID, it works, but I don’t understand why it should not work this way as well. Hope you can help me. Thank you.


  4. Gee
    Gee at · Reply

    Doesn’t seem to work on Safari

  5. Lucas Saliés Brum
    Lucas Saliés Brum at · Reply

    Hi Matteo!

    When i restart stream(using Centova Cast), the player doesn’t re-start, why?


  6. Lucas Saliés Brum
    Lucas Saliés Brum at · Reply

    There is anyway to save volume level between sessions and change pause button to reload button?


  7. Julian Simmons
    Julian Simmons at · Reply

    Hi Matteo,
    On every page that the mb.audioplayer appears on my site, when viewed on iphone / ipad
    the page is given a wide extra empty margin to its right side, often meaning the page is off center, and so instigates horizontal scrolling.
    Could you have a look at the supplied website link on a iphone / ipad.
    All the other pages (which do not include the audioplayer) on my site are presented normally, with no extra margin to the right.
    I have disabled the plugin and the extra right-margin issue is disappears.
    (the issue isn’t present on other browsers, including Safari – which works fine on OSX, it’s only an issue on iphone / ipad)


    1. Julian Simmons
      Julian Simmons at ·

      Hi Matteo
      At present if you have a moment… could you have a look at the provided site link again.
      I’ve decreased the minimum width of the body size and the page of the site to 600px
      – well within the screen resolution width of an iphone, all the text and images are now responsive to this smaller width
      ..but still the large margin to the right is added by having mb.audio player on the pages.
      If I disable the mb.audioplayer the extra margin is not added, and the pages appear correctly.

    2. Julian Simmons
      Julian Simmons at ·

      …many thanks for your detailed reply, I truly appreciate your time
      I’ve just donated to you 😉

  8. Saifullah
    Saifullah at · Reply

    Hi Matteo;
    Nice plugin and thank for it. I have used this plugin and working vary fine fine in all browsers on (MAC OS and WINDOWS OS) but only there is problem in “Safari” browser on WINDOWS OS.
    Waiting for your kind response.

  9. Remixes For Sale
    Remixes For Sale at · Reply

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hello i was wondering if i can set a song to play for a certain time like a 20 sec preview of the song. Thank you and this audio player rocks!

  10. Richard
    Richard at · Reply

    Hi Matteo

    You were right! I placed the audio clips on my own server and referenced them from the page which had shown up the issue, and the progress bar and rewind button worked fine in Safari.

    Thanks so much for your quick and helpful response.


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