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  1. Fathi
    Fathi at · Reply

    Thnks for all – You live and work in Paradise (Good luck for ever)

    1. Matteo Bicocchi
      Matteo Bicocchi at ·

      Thank you Fathi!

  2. Michael Kania
    Michael Kania at · Reply

    Dear Matteo Bicocchi,

    I am really absolutely glad I found your Site.. I am not able to write such iquery-codes, bur I knew exactly what I want and I found it on your Site; so I promise you – when I finally really get the order confirmation, that I’ve been waiting so long, then I’m gonna transfer a portion of the fee!
    Quite apart from that it really promotes the positive inspiration to feel connected with such an open team ! – Thanks a lot !

  3. Jigar Pandya (@developerjigar)
    Jigar Pandya (@developerjigar) at · Reply

    wonderful place.. nice where team can interact and chillax 😉 work feelings would be great and so energetic.

    Some day would be there…

  4. Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh at · Reply

    nice …

  5. tro choi thoi trang
    tro choi thoi trang at · Reply

    A dynamic work environment, I wish my company would be nice and great office like this

  6. Kishor Shivane
    Kishor Shivane at · Reply

    Wow looks very motivating environment around.

  7. Link Worx Seo
    Link Worx Seo at · Reply

    Extremely impressed by what I have read and seen on this website. I started out a jQuery.com and began to look for information on creating a jQuery picture gallery with thumbs and more than one image inside of the slider at once with a fading transition. I came across this website and decide to take a closer look. As of right now, I started a new design for my business and have not completed it yet. This website has now made me rethink about what I want to do with my website.

    Thank you,

    1. Matteo Bicocchi
      Matteo Bicocchi at ·

      Thank you and let me know when your website will be on line.

  8. Game flash
    Game flash at · Reply

    Expectations of those who love working space was airy as your will. That was my own dream.

  9. Luca Radici
    Luca Radici at · Reply

    I miei complimenti! Sei davvero un bel mago del javascript!

    Molti tuoi script mi tornano utilissimi per progettazioni web.

    A presto e ti seguo sempre!

    Luca da Parma

    1. Matteo Bicocchi
      Matteo Bicocchi at ·

      Grazie Luca,
      fammi sapere quando pubblicherai i tuoi lavori con i miei componenti.

  10. Ananjan Chaudhuri
    Ananjan Chaudhuri at · Reply

    Hello Matteo,

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    I came across your website via a Google search and noticed a good amount of relevant information and blog updates related to jquery.

    I would like to inform you that Packt has recently published 3 new books on jquery:
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    Keeping in mind your knowledge in this subject and having looked at your contributions, I feel you’d make an excellent reviewer of this book. In case you’d like to write a review about any of the above mentioned books on your website and/or Amazon, simply let me know your shipping details (required for registration of new reviewers) and I’ll have the eBook added to your account and would provide you with the download instructions in my next e-mail. You can then download this book instantly.

    If you have any queries, do let me know and I’d be happy to assist.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

    Have a good day!


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